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If you’ve reached our site, you probably have an electrical connection problem or need electrical backup. You can find the solution with us. We offer all available options: sale or rental of electric power plants. We will advise, explain. We offer mobile and stationary sources of electricity, which are called variously: electric generator, electric generator, diesel generator, diesel generator, electric source. Their function is always the same, they produce electricity from diesel fuel, less often petrol or natural gas. If you need an electric generator rental, then apparently quickly, don’t wait and click HERE.

If you want to buy an electric generator, then presumably cheaply. However, we must point out that with electric generators the words “cheap” and “reliable” do not go hand in hand. That is why we at Elektrogeneratory.cz are here to give you qualified advice and recommend the most suitable electrogenerator for you. Choose from the widest range of electrogenerators from the best European brands. European standards, our two-year warranty with the assurance of after-sales service.

In our offer you will find mainly professional large and industrial electro generators, marginally we also offer a few types of hobby devices for which we are confident that you will not claim them next week, as is common with most no name Chinese goods sold in hobby markets and on the Internet. We do not sell power generators from manufacturers in China and Turkey.

Our departure depots are Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Bratislava.

How often
will you use
the genset?

The most important utility value of any power generator is its power. The second most important utility value is its usage – answer this question for yourself: how often will the power generator be running? The answer to this question can save you a lot of money. Don’t believe this? Click here.

Special offer of diesel generators

Elektrogenerátor Grupel GR100GG

Profesionální třífázová diesel elektrocentrála s…

Skladem do 4 týdnů: 36 ks
11961 €

Elektrogenerátor Grupel GR33GG

Profesionální třífázová malá diesel elektrocentrála…

Skladem do 4 týdnů: 71 ks
7076 €

Elektrogenerátor Grupel GR11GG

Profesionální třífázová malá diesel elektrocentrála…

Skladem do 4 týdnů: 34 ks
5939 €

Elektrogenerátor Grupel GR12000

Třífázová benzínová přenosná elektrocentrála výrobce…

Skladem do 4 týdnů: 2 ks
2999 €

Elektrogenerátor Grupel GR65IG

Profesionální třífázový diesel elektrogenerátor s…

Skladem do 1 týdne: 7 ks
12699 €

Elektrogenerátor Grupel GR110PL

Profesionální třífázová diesel elektrocentrála se…

Skladem do 1 týdne: 12 ks
17546 €

Elektrogenerátor Grupel GR33PL

Profesionální třífázová diesel elektrocentrála se…

Skladem do 1 týdne: 12 ks
10820 €

Elektrogenerátor Grupel GR15PL

Profesionální třífázová malá diesel elektrocentrála…

Skladem ihned: 2 ks
8299 €

Elektrogenerátor Grupel GR6500

Třífázová benzínová přenosná elektrocentrála výrobce…

Skladem ihned: 3 ks
1499 €

Elektrogenerátor Grupel GR3000

Jednofázová benzínová přenosná elektrocentrála výrobce…

Skladem ihned: 2 ks
699 €

Elektrogenerátor Grupel GR2500

Jednofázová benzínová invertorová přenosná elektrocentrála…

Skladem ihned: 2 ks
999 €

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What will cooperation with us bring you?

The security of energy backup. Reliability of the solution. Speed and flexibility.

A satisfied customer with a solved power engineering problem is our goal. It doesn’t matter if it is a pub owner who needs a 3500W for his/her tap on the patio, a small company with 30A input and power cuts and failures, because it is at the end of a bad power line, or a big hospital, where human lives depend on power sources. Customer is interested in one single thing: electricit must work, and be reliable. And that’s why Elektrogenerátory.cz are here.

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Special Projects

Our customers

Blackout is always a stressful thing. Mainly in business like ours – we can have huge losses. We are glad that Elektrogenerátory.cz secure our emergency stand-bys, and that we can use it irregularly several times a year.

Dan Burian
Facility Manager, rohlik.cz, Brno

Elektrogenerátory s.r.o secure emergency stand-by power sources for our hospital generators in Karviná and Orlová, which we have used many a time. Considering that human lives depend on it, we appreciate the speed and professional attitude of the service provided.

Bc. Marcela Mesochoridisová
Operational and Technical Deputy Hospital with Polyclinic Karviná-Ráj, contributory organization

We have several power generators already from Elektrogenerátory s.r.o at our branches all over the Czech Republic. These machines work flawlessly. We appreciate cunsultancy, reasonable price, and maintanance. The excellent thing here is the combination of option to add the rental of a generator for any time period.

Ivo Plšek
the owner of JIP groceries

We had been deciding about a purchase of our own power generator for a long time for our mountain lodge Luční Bouda. It was a considerable investment with relatively complex logistics and instalation in very harsh conditions. We are glad that in the end we had decided for Elektrogenerátory.cz and the entire system works flawlessly. We don’t fear any blackouts now, because we are ready for it.

David Žák
technical supervisor, Luční Bouda, Pec pod Sněžkou

Our realizations

Kamýk nad Vltavou



GRUPEL GR220BG Baudouin

Mladá Boleslav


Mladá Boleslav





ENERGY STAR ES200I Iveco open skid



Pec pod Sněžkou

ENERGY STAR ES175I Iveco open skid








NED L80I Iveco


NED H80I Iveco supersilent


GRUPEL GR52BL Baudouin


NED L440F0 Iveco