The NED trademark is represented in the Czech and Slovak Republics

We are proud to announce exclusive representation of the Italian highend producer NED Generators for the Czech and Slovak Republics.

The producer of specialized generators – NED Generators – is part of Giancano’s Energy Group: an Italian leader in power generator and hybrid systems production and rentals. NED Generators specializes in highend bonneting, offered in several levels of soundproofing, all the way up to top version Supersilent (only 48 decibels!)

It also offers special bonneting extensions, bonnets, and containers for the transport of aggregates, light aluminium bonnets, TWIN generator systems ‘under one roof’ for emergency non-stop places like hospitals, power plants, bases, and hybrid solar – generator systems. Shows of some specialised generators can be found in our selection and/or we can gladly show you in our rental store. Contact us for our complex and special custom-made offer. These unique and special power generators find use particularly with film and TV productions, cultural events, hospitals and health care in general, power engineering, industries, and the military.